Finally, a no-compromise service management solution built to help SMB and midmarket organisations do amazing things

ServiceNow Express empowers you to do the extraordinary. We automate your daily support tasks and help you to track, measure, and process any unit of work. We do it all by delivering cloud-based service management software that’s fast to deploy, simple to configure, and built for the SMB and midmarket.


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IT Managers and their teams often rely on email, spreadsheets and bespoke solutions to manage their day to day processes, whether it’s resetting passwords or solving system and network issues.

With no visibility of progress, these same teams struggle to assign tasks to the right person, issues remain bottlenecked and delays can lead to further problems down the line.

With ServiceNow Express, IT administrators can gain a single view of all IT requests in one easy to use interface, enabling them to efficiently manage day to day requests in a timely way.

Key Features


Resolve Issues Fast

Say goodbye to your legacy help desk and the chaos of managing support with email. Say hello to insanely fast automated service delivery. ServiceNow Express is the leading IT service management software offering for SMB and midmarket organizations.


Help Users Help Themselves

Your users don’t want to talk to you either. Offer a self-service portal that lets users solve many of their own problems, request IT services, log issues, and track progress — all without picking up the phone or sending a single email.


Track and Control Your Assets

Solve the mystery of who owns what. With a complete system of record offering total visibility and control of your IT components, you have a connected view of systems, networks, and software to drive and improve problem resolution.


Gain Real-Time Insight

Generate interactive dashboards and distribute reports based on any metric — all at the click of a button. Real-time reporting and dashboards get you to the source of issues quickly.


Create Your Own Services

Deliver services, not code. ServiceNow Express lets you design service requests and process flows without adding to your IT burden. You can quickly create custom services for any department in your company without writing a single line of code.


Proven Enterprise-Grade Cloud

Your company may be midsized, but your cloud doesn’t have to be! Express runs in the industry-leading ServiceNow enterprise cloud, giving you the same scalability, performance, and security that the world’s largest enterprises depend on.

Our Services

Coaching Activities

We provide guidance and advice to support you through your configuration of Express and provide consulting to assist with your best practices.

Configuration Activities

We provide assistance with configuration activities available within the system administration page of Express.

Migration Activities

We provide assistance with migrating customer data into the ServiceNow instance.

Integration Activities

We provide guidance and support to integrate Express with both Okta Single Sign-on and LDAP allowing you to connect with customer’s LDAP servers