5 reasons why you should consider outsourced IT support

An outsourced IT support supplier will be on hand 24/7 to monitor your needs

An outsourced IT support supplier will be on hand 24/7 to monitor your needs

For many companies the decision to keep IT support in-house or to outsource it can be a difficult one so we’ve put together a few ideas which may help.

1 Reduced costs

The average salary of an in-house IT manager is between £30 and £40k per year, with added costs for recruitment, company benefits or on-going training to keep skills up to date. But for most smaller businesses, having an in-house IT specialist is something they can’t always afford and this can leave them with potential costs from downtime when staff spend valuable time trying to carry out problem solving beyond their capabilities.

Outsourcing gives small and medium enterprise the expertise needed but on a fixed monthly payment plan which allows them to budget appropriately.

2 Access to experts when needed

Your business IT needs will fluctuate, so there may not be enough work for a dedicated member of staff. However, you may still have a variety of IT support needs and, therefore, if something goes wrong, you have to call in outside help at a vastly inflate price rate.

Using outsourced IT support gives you access to a dedicated Service Desk and the ability to speak to an IT technician as often as you like while a team of experts are always on hand to monitor systems and help fix any problems you may encounter.

3 Allows you to focus on the business

With little spare time you don’t want to spending it all on wasting and worrying about IT issues. Business owners and senior managers need to spend their time concentrating on core business activities like staff, costs and meeting the needs of customers.

Freeing up your time by outsourcing IT support is an easy way to gain peace of mind and to remove some of the stresses of business ownership by guaranteeing technical needs will be met as and when required.

4 Access to the latest technology

When you choose an outsourced IT support solution you have access to a constantly changing landscape where technology is transforming at a rapid rate.

Outsourced IT providers will be at the forefront of IT technology provision and will have a range of partnerships and accreditations with industry leading providers such as Microsoft, Cisco, Dell and Sophos.

In addition, their staff will be up-to-date with training and certification and will know of any bugs and software updates which are making the news – and how to deal with them effectively.

5 Proactive monitoring

Your current IT strategy may centre around a break/fix scenario which often means by the time you know something is wrong, your business and staff’s productivity time has already been affected, plus you may end up with costly downtime.

With an outsourced IT support solution, your provider can concentrate on avoiding issues from becoming a problem in the first place through the use of 24/7 monitoring.

Potential problems can be identified and prevented before they affect your business leading to a virtual elimination of downtime and ensuring your IT services are always available when you need them.

At Technosys we offer a Virtual IT Support Package which could answer your outsourcing problems. Our different support packages enable you to choose the right solution for your business at a cost to suit you.

You can find out more, and sign up for our free monthly Servicenow support tips here.

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