How to make the most of your ServiceNow platform?

make the most of your ServiceNow platform with an oursourced ITSM solution

make the most of your ServiceNow platform with an oursourced ITSM solution

Only 43% of Enterprises on average realise the potential of their businesses’ technology according to a survey by Gartner.

ServiceNow allows SMEs to deliver enterprise service management across entire organisations but do you know how to leverage the full extent of its capabilities and unlock the remaining 57 per cent?

For many SMEs the thought of using a ServiceNow platform can be a worrying one with issues of cost, expertise or implementation at the top of the agenda of concerns. Can your business afford to upgrade? Does your IT team have the knowledge to run it? Will it disrupt your daily business operations whilst upgrades and new applications are implemented?

This is where the use of an outsourced ITSM solution can become a life saver. Here are our top benefits for why it pays to engage the experts:

They know your business

Any ITSM solution provider worth their name will fully understand the pain points and unique requirements of the SME they are working with. Taking the time to discover what are the business critical daily tasks and processes which must take place regularly and without any system failures are a must.  An external ITSM provider will work with your IT team to put the necessary functionality into a ServiceNow platform.

They will start with the basics and most common use-cases, but will also work outside the box to see where else ServiceNow can be deployed outside of the traditional IT genre. The benefits of an ITSM solution are now being discovered for Human Resources, facilities management and other key areas of daily business activity.

They have an existing ServiceNow relationship

ServiceNow works with trusted partners, like Technosys, to build up a level of trust in the product which means they can work on behalf of their SME customers. As they understand the basics of IT Service Management concepts and terminology, they can deal with the ServiceNow systems administrators when necessary.

They understand the differences between incidents, requests, problems and changes and can explain it in technical terms to the experts but also in language the SME client can understand meaning communication is kept open and informative.

They are experts

ITSM solution providers are fully certified, trained, experienced and qualified and usually bring in project management skills on top of their IT knowledge. Few problems are new for leading ITSM solutions providers as they see and solve related problems multiple times.

This puts them at an advantage over an in-house IT team who often have a knowledge of a lot of platforms but not enough to deal with every potential issue.

They are cost effective

They can also offer a range of support packages which means it doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive to consider using a ServiceNow platform. Outsourcing converts fixed IT costs into variable costs and allows you budget effectively. In other words, only pay for what you use when you need it.

It also allows SMEs to be more flexible with staffing, focusing their human resources where they best need them but still having an IT expert on hand, depending on the level of support, up to 24*7, 365 days a year.

Contracts can be arranged on a Pay As You Go basis or on a fixed monthly retainer fee with guaranteed Service Level Agreements and response to incidents timescales.

They level the playing field

Many SMEs can’t afford to match the in-house support services that large enterprise companies maintain. Outsourcing allows small companies to act “big” by giving them access to the same technology and expertise that larger companies enjoy but at a scaled down level.

An independent, third party managed cost structure and economy of scale pricing can give your company a competitive advantage and ensure your technology is always up to date. A quality ITSM solutions provider will have the resources to start new projects straight away. They have years of experience in implementing ServiceNow platforms and are on top of new technical developments as they happen.


Whether you are concerned with your IT budget or you don’t have the right skills and knowledge in place to handle your ServiceNow platform, our expert consultants are on hand to ensure you’re always up to date and problem free.

Our support packages enable you to choose the right solution for your business at a cost to suit you. Whether you have a single issue which needs dealing with quickly and efficiently or you’re looking for more of a long term solution in outsourcing your IT support, our team of experts are available to address your needs.

We are offering free monthly tips and advice for your ServiceNow platform, sign up today >>.

This not only includes free tips and advice but fantastic discounts on our Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly packages, as well as guides on how to maximise your investment in ServiceNow.

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