How ServiceNow can support and empower tenants

Help empower your employees and provide better customer service support to your tenants with an ITSM solution

Help empower your employees and provide better customer service support to your tenants with an ITSM solution

The latest highly capable and cost effective IT Service Management tools are opening up new methods for Housing Associations to manage their daily activities in more efficient ways.

Managing a Housing Association’s day-to-day operations is a time consuming one involving remote workers, tenancy requests, maintenance tasks and invoice processing, all the while requiring compliance with Health and Safety and other Government regulations.

Much has changed within the ITSM sector during recent years and many Housing Associations are struggling to cope with outdated technology and limited software, draining their budgets and holding them back from maximum efficiency.

Using an ITSM solution is one way to help reduce costs and improve both customer service and tenant satisfaction levels. One such option is Technosys’ ITSM for Housing Associations, which utilises market leading technology from ServiceNow, including their Field Service Management and Facilities Management modules, in one simple solution designed for your organisation.

Tenant satisfaction

Establishing an internal self-service web portal for tenants to be able to access and securely log requests is just one way in which an ITSM solution can be utilised. Common fixes, FAQs or work-arounds being listed as possible solutions on an intranet only accessible to tenants can all help improve customer satisfaction and a sense of involvement with the Housing Association management.

It can also free up the maintenance team to deal with more complex issues and routine repair work instead of having to drop everything to deal with complaints or carry out fire-fighting tasks. Regularly scheduled appointments for tenants to express their concerns or their satisfaction.

With integrated customer service within Field Service Management, Housing Associations can provide tenants with complete transparency.

Configuration not customisation

One of the most common reasons for Housing Associations to consider switching to a more modern ITSM solution is the ongoing cost of maintaining their current software and having to constantly manipulate it to get it to deliver the management information needed to make timely and informed decisions.

With both ServiceNow Field Service Management and ServiceNow Facilities Management you have the ability to create tasks which are easy to track and enable your team to effectively manage the your day-to-day requirements.

ITSM solutions which are feature rich, highly configurable, fast to deploy and simple to use and which can be set up out-of-the box help reduce the need to rely on outdated technology.

Realistic reporting

Legacy systems can be frustrating and one of the most often heard complaints about them is the lack of flexibility in the reporting options which they can run.

Housing Associations need to keep on top of a mixture of different daily tasks from maintenance, tenant queries, invoice processing, time management and remote worker allocation. ServiceNow ITSM solutions give you end to end visibility, allowing for a single system of record and automated service management processes.

With Field Service Management you can ensure that work orders are assigned to the right person with the right inventory and tools at the right time.

You can then replace spreadsheets, email and homegrown/legacy management tools with a single system of engagement which delivers efficient, fast and effective services.

Facilities Service Management frees your management team from reactive, day‑to‑day operations so you can increase productivity, maximise resource utilisation, reduce costs and align services to optimise your work environment.

ServiceNow’s platform is easy to work with at both technical and user level. An easy to navigate user interface makes setting up tasks simple and combines all information into an accessible format. It allows for a consolidated view of staff availability, allocations and capacities for additional work which is all tracked through any ServiceNow application, making it highly adaptable.

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