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Visual Task Boards in ServiceNow Express gives IT managers a unique and easy way to assign the team work through a drag-and-drop interface, including changing assignee, adding tasks, resetting priorities and collaborating with the team.

Enterprise IT cloud company ServiceNow has released ServiceNow Express – a new easy-to-use cloud-based IT service management solution (ITSM).

IT Managers and their teams often rely on email, spreadsheets and bespoke solutions to manage their day to day processes, whether it’s resetting passwords or solving system and network issues.

With no visibility of progress, these same teams struggle to assign tasks to the right person, issues remain bottlenecked and delays can lead to further problems down the line.

With ServiceNow Express, IT administrators can gain a single view of all IT requests in one easy to use interface, enabling them to efficiently manage day to day requests in a timely way.

As a trusted ServiceNow partner, Technosys is perfectly placed to help small and medium enterprise take advantage of this new tool in the marketplace.

We are here to work with SMBs within the United Kingdom who are looking for a better way to manage IT requests such as resolving device and system issues, resetting passwords and solving network problems to implement a ServiceNow Express solution tailored to meet individual requirements.

Express offers a better way to run IT, providing administrators a single view of all service requests and enabling them to be more efficient in addressing the work required to fulfil those requests.

Manage your ServiceNow Express requests

Your IT team can manage the requests they get from across the business through an easy-to-use interface that runs on any mobile or computing device and have a new automation solution that provides key functions:

  • Incident, problem and change automation to speed the assignment and resolution of tickets, fix recurring issues and help IT teams stop managing services with email.
  • Asset tracking to replace spreadsheets with a single system of record to see what assets the IT team manages, where assets reside, how they are performing and what issues are tagged to them.
  • Visual Task Boards to give IT managers a unique and easy way to assign the team work through a drag-and-drop interface, including changing assignee, adding tasks, resetting priorities and collaborating with the team.
  • One-click reporting on any metric to track performance and demonstrate the value of IT to business leaders.

Customers of Express include Ziegler, a specialty investment bank; DealerSocket, a software provider delivering CRM for the automotive industry; and Seventy Seven Energy, a diversified oilfield services company.

ServiceNow Express empowers you to do the extraordinary. It automates your daily support tasks and helps you to track, measure, and process any unit of work.

Express is purpose-built to get IT up and running quickly with these elements:

  • Pre-configured workflows and more than 150 report templates speed time to value. IT teams can use the templates to automatically run reports rich with easy-to-read graphs, charts and lists and then send them to a group of users.
  • Codeless business rules help administrators define automatic data entry behaviors and assignment rules to track key metrics and ticket routing, such as automatically creating incidents from end-user emails.
  • A quick-start guide and an administration home page designed for time-strapped IT teams to get up and running rapidly with their in-house resources.

Technosys can help your business by delivering cloud-based service management software that’s fast to deploy, simple to configure, and built for the SMB and midmarket. We provide guidance and support to integrate Express with both Okta Single Sign-on and LDAP, allowing you to connect with customer’s LDAP servers.

If you’d like to find out how we can help your business implement a ServiceNow Express solution, get in touch.

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About Technosys

Technosys deliver expert IT Service Management consultancy services to both small and large enterprises across EMEA. As a partner with ServiceNow and BMC, market leaders in the ITSM industry, Technosys are able to offer best in class solutions to all clients and ensure a successful implementation as well as unparalleled support.

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