ServiceNow survey spotlights the workplace productivity drain

too many people are spending time on unnecessary admin tasks

too many people are spending time on unnecessary admin tasks

Unnecessary administration tasks could be stopping your employees from contributing effectively to the business.

A survey from leading IT solutions provider ServiceNow has found that 9 out of 10 managers are spending time outside of their core job roles with tasks including providing status updates, filling out forms, requesting support or updating spreadsheets.

More worryingly, fulfilling these tasks takes an average of more than two days a week with 20% of staff surveyed saying they spend three or more days on them. As a result, 50% of respondents said they lacked time for more strategic initiatives.

In addition, more than 80% of those surveyed said they were relying on inefficient manual tools such as email, phone calls or personal visits and nearly half of all who responded agreed that using email and spreadsheets for managing work was reducing productivity at their companies.

“Email was never intended to run a company’s business processes,” said Dave Wright, ServiceNow chief strategy officer.

“It is a communication vehicle that has been bastardised to fill a gap that exists in the systems permeated throughout the enterprise,” he added.

Productivity is compromised

Compounding the issue, more than 90% of respondents felt that the productivity of their team, as well as their individual work rate was impacted by the inefficiency of other departments.

“While everyone agreed that productivity depends on how smoothly internal business processes run, the survey showed those processes are akin to a navigating a labyrinth,” said Wright.

It was reported that on average, 57% of respondents stated that they have to deal with four or more separate departments for the on-boarding of new staff in almost every company.

Additionally, 70% of them viewed on-boarding as time-consuming while nearly half reported being frustrated with its lengthy process.

“Knowing when you have work to do, and being able to measure how effectively you perform that work, makes the whole organisation more effective,” added Wright.

Streamline and automate

But there are solutions and these issues can be overcome. Organisations can easily streamline and automate their internal business services today to get back this wasted time.

If a company can whiteboard a process from request to approvals to fulfilment, they can build — and automate — practically any business process in HR, finance, IT, legal, marketing and more.

Automation can help identify where time is being wasted and where processes can be improved.

By adopting service management software and practices, organisations can replace emails, phone calls and spreadsheets with automated workflows that are as simple as the consumer services they use at home.

The technology exists today and early adopters are showing the way forward. Technosys works as a ServiceNow partner with companies looking to implement these types of solutions. We can help both large enterprise and SME companies operate faster and be more scalable than ever before.

Customers using the ServiceNow model to define, structure and automate the flow of work can remove dependencies on email and spreadsheets, transforming the delivery and management of services for their business.

Contact us now for more information about how we can bring these benefits to your company.

*ServiceNow surveyed nearly 1,000 managers in the United States and the United Kingdom to understand the effectiveness of the tools and processes in their corporate environment. The company asked them about how those tools and processes impact their individual and team effectiveness.

The survey focused on four specific processes or services common in any corporate environment: setting up a new employee, opening a purchase order, requesting tech support and ordering marketing collateral. The results were consistent across all demographics.

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