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Technosys provides customers with a portfolio of services – a powerful combination of ITSM best practices and a proven implementation methodology – that covers all aspects of a customer’s ServiceNow lifecycle. Customers can either tailor their implementation with a customized deployment plan based on their processes or select from application‑specific packages called StartNow and QuickStarts, which focus on specific processes and applications, and take an iterative, modular approach to driving IT transformation across the business.

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Technosys provides proactive, customer‑centric services to help ensure that customers can go from where they are to where they want to be as quickly and efficiently as possible. Additional benefits include:
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Use certified ServiceNow resources with extensive ServiceNow application and platform expertise to help ensure success.

Extend the ServiceNow Service Automation Platform – application by application – with an iterative, modular approach.

Tailor implementations with customized deployment plans based on current processes that provide scope and fit‑for‑purpose deliverables.

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Leverage proven best practices and StartNow™ methodology for rapid deployment.

Deploy select applications in one to 10 weeks using QuickStarts that provide best practice configuration.

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Regardless of the complexity or number of required integrations, the Technosys Professional Services Team can create a customized deployment plan, tailored to a customer’s current processes and specific requirements, that aligns with strategic goals.

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ServiceNow QuickStart deployments leverage experience from hundreds of successful implementations. Using pre‑defined modular packages, QuickStarts accelerate implementations by providing best‑practice configurations using the StartNow Implementation Methodology.

QuickStarts include:

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With QuickStart for IPCC (Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and Configuration Management), certified consultants work with customers to deliver the most common first phase of a deployment in just eight weeks.
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Get up and running in one week and see trends quickly with the out‑of‑the‑box ServiceNow starter indicators and dashboards.
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Add to the IPCC foundation with Service Catalog to empower end‑users and accelerate IT transformation in 10 weeks.
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Quickly automate service management by populating the Configuration Management Database with ServiceNow Discovery.
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Best Practice Process Workshops include high‑level discussion on ITSM process best practices, identification of existing ITSM processes and areas for improvement, a review of how these processes are supported by the ServiceNow IT applications, as well as alignment of customer workflows to ServiceNow best practices.

Deliverables include comprehensive process flow diagrams, process policies, activity descriptions, defined roles and responsibilities, performance and control metrics, and customer‑specific configuration requirements. Participants should have a thorough knowledge of their existing IT service‑automation processes and have the authority to make process‑improvement design decisions.

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Deployments grounded in best practices are less vulnerable to common issues. ServiceNow Best Practice Technical Workshops lie out the optimal foundation for a ServiceNow implementation and examine potential issues some configurations may have in regards to instance scale, maintenance and performance.

These interactive sessions are tailored to customer objectives and cover implementing and maintaining applications on the ServiceNow Service Automation Platform. Participants should understand the organizational goals for the deployment, have completed ServiceNow Administration Training and have the authority to make relevant configuration changes.