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Benefits to Your Enterprise

The IT service model is at the heart of the business for managed service providers (MSPs). While client requirements have changed dramatically, many MSPs still operate on legacy, fragmented systems that were not designed to enable today’s service model.

ServiceNow changes that, providing a robust suite of IT applications and a custom application development platform built on a single, flexible cloud architecture. With ServiceNow, MSPs can improve efficiencies across all IT operations, drive deeper integration with business processes and systems, bring differentiated value to their customers, and eliminate costs associated with redundant service systems and infrastructure investments.

  • Drive Higher Margins with a cloud-based solution that delivers cost predictability, reduced internal investment in infrastructure and hassle-free upgrades
  • Maintain Data integrity and security by separating and managing client-specific domains on a single system with multi-tenant configuration options
  • Reduce Concept-to-production time for new applications and functionality by leveraging the highly-configurable and extensible ServiceNow platform
  • Easily Address Client-specific service level agreements (SLA's), reporting, and other process requirements with transparent and simplified data management and access
  • Improve Service quality with an intuitive, approachable and consumer-like service experience for all clients
  • Significantly Reduce the time and complexity of on-boarding new clients

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