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We designed an architecture and implemented 30+ integration points for our ServiceNow clients. Thanks to SnowMirror we leveraged proven reporting solutions and analyzed data effectively by business intelligence tools

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SnowMirror is a smart data replication tool for ServiceNow. The data is loaded from a ServiceNow instance and stored into a relational database such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, installed in a local environment. This mirror database can be used for custom reporting, data warehouse loads, system integration, data backup and more.

All applications that need the ServiceNow data for any purpose can access them in standard database ways (e.g. ODBC driver, JDBC, ETLs or plain SQL). The access to a local database is fast and the ServiceNow instance is no longer impacted.

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Off-Load Reporting and

Business Intelligence

Create custom reports on all sorts of existing reporting platforms and BI tool be connecting to a traditional, local database (e.g Oracle or MySQL) containing replicated data from a ServiceNow or SalesForce instance.

Select tables, columns and schedule regular data replication to have fresh data as needed when desired.

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Improve Performance


Improve performance of a ServiceNo instance by introducing SnowMirror Only a few report or integrate applications need live data.

By reading the data from a mirror database instead of performing resource-intensive real-tim queries, the load of the cloud instance become much lower.

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Simplify Integrations


Leverage the mirror database to connect readonly integrations. No more point-to-point real-time interfaces relying on the Internet connection.

Integrate applications with a database in a local network and improve the integration architecture.

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Choose tables and columns to synchronize

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Simple user interface enables seamless configuration

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Define individual plan for every synchronization

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