Tackling Operational Challenges in Housing Associations

An ITSM solution could be the answer to some of the operational challenges many Housing Association staff find themselves struggling with

An ITSM solution could be the answer to some of the operational challenges many Housing Association staff find themselves struggling with

Managing the day to day operations of a Housing Association is both demanding and time consuming for all those involved.

Staff can lose time having to trawl through multiple different tools including email, spreadsheets and home-grown software, to find the information they need and there are financial implications too.

Keeping track of maintenance projects and staff to ensure they’re working at their most efficient can be a logistical nightmare and can lead to unintentional duplication of workload or ordering the wrong parts.

As a Housing Association, you also work with a range of partners and manage numerous projects. Working with external stakeholders to complete tasks is difficult enough without having to use multiple tools within which information can be siloed, forgotten or misplaced.

All of this adds up to a too high demand on the current disparate systems used and ensuring compliance is met throughout is simply not possible.

Using an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution may not be an obvious choice for a Housing Association but it is possible to find solutions dedicated to your way of working.

Managing remote and onsite workers, allocating resources and staff, tracking tenancy requests and progress are all possible to be dealt with in a single system.  This also makes it much easier to ensure your operations are in line with quality, compliance and health and safety regulations.

Technosys’ ITSM for Housing Associations utilises market leading technology from ServiceNow, including their Field Service Management and Facilities Management modules, in one simple solution designed for your organisation.

Here are a few key benefits:

Its saves you time – streamlined processes and automation of tasks already saves you time without the additional guaranteed support and knowledge of a team of experts on hand to solve any issues for you, to provide the latest upgrades and training.

It’s a predictable cost – you pay one fee on an annual basis which guarantees a smoothly functioning system without unnecessary and unexpected financial costs.

It’s scalable – it is based on your requirements and so can be scaled up, or down, as necessary. This frees up your management team from staffing, bandwidth, power and space constraints.

It’s up-to-date – using a managed ITSM solution means you can access a team of experts covering multiple knowledge areas who are always on top of the latest technological developments and changes.

Developed around the latest technology and best practice, the software is tailored to your organisation’s needs and is both fast to deploy and easy to use. Our experts have more than a decade of experience working with a range of industries employing market leading technology to solve their organisational challenges.

Want to discover more benefits of IT Service Management for Housing Associations? Why not download our latest Guide: Top 6 ITSM Benefits for Housing Associations?


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